Approximately 800 years ago, Wayl was the leader of a separatist group in the Arabian peninsula. Wayl stopped at nothing in his attempt to take over the vast empire. Fueled by his greed for power, Wayl mastered the art of black magic. It was through these spells that Wayl al-Athab became the most notorious villain in the region. His most secretive and powerful spells were kept hidden in what was thought to be a mythical relic known as the Forbidden Book.


Through his intense study of black magic, Wayl was able to elicit the otherworldly power of Jinn. Jinn are supernatural beings described in old Arabian theology, with certain types being analogous to demons. By harnessing the seemingly unlimited powers of a Jinn army, Wayl spread pandemonium and terror throughout the three major regional empires. After devoting his life towards this sorcery, Wayl al-Athab was able to unlock the alchemist’s spell and achieved immortality.


Now known throughout the region as The Immortal, Wayl engaged in an all out war with the Arabian, Persian and Indian empires. After an epic eight year battle in which the kings of these three empires put aside their differences and united, Wayl was eventually captured. A secret prison, known as Zindan, was created to protect humanity from his evils for eternity. The three empires united in providing the most noble of men to serve as guardians over this compound. These men would be known as The Ansaars.

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