What if the world's most secretive prison fell, unleashing unimaginable evil, forgotten in the pages of history? Now, two brothers with a mysterious past must journey across the globe to honor their oath to defend mankind as The Last Ansaars of Zindan. 

Created by Omar Mirza and Khurram Mehtabdin, this exciting new comic series draws on the richness of the Mughal Empire to introduce to the world a new set of superheroes. Recruiting the incredible talents of Sajad Shah as artistic director and penciler of the series, Zindan will surely transport its readers into an exciting new world. Inked by the phenomenal Adelso Corona, the lines are nothing short of stunning. The fantastic Alonso Espinoza rounds out this dynamic team to provide life with his vibrant palette as lead colorist. Sabine Rich augmented this diverse team with the addition of her vivid visuals. 

The Story...

Zain and Timur are introduced as orphans. Like many orphans, they find themselves alone in a struggle for survival. By sheer chance, these brothers are taken in by the Ansaars, an ancient secret order of noble individuals, who have sworn an oath of stewardship over the world's worst criminals.

This is where the story begins. As the prison that Zain and Timur call home falls to a greedy king, unimaginable evils are released into the world. With everything lost once again, Zain and Timur are thrust back into a big world. This time, however, it's different. This time, they have a purpose. This time, they must journey across empires to recapture the evils that were unleashed and live on as The Last Ansaars of Zindan.