This week we got our cover back from Sabine Rich! I think we all agree that it is absolutely amazing! I just want to bring attention to a few of the details that stood out.

Our initial directions were to make Timur's pants green, Zain's helmet gold and red, and the immortals hair white with a sunset occurring in the background. One of my concerns was the skin tones for the characters. Sadly there is a tendency in comics to make all the heroes very "white". Luckily Sabine nailed the skin tones on the first try without any need for revisions. 

Another thing that I was worried about was being authentic to the time in terms of the look of the fabrics/costumes. Since we are based in the 1600s, the bright spandex colors of modern super heroes would be very out of place. So you can imagine my relief and amazement when Sabine picked reds and greens that looked like they were plucked right out of a Mughal outfit.  

One thing Sajad noticed that I would also like to bring to your attention is the way the fire from the immortals hand is reflected in the lighting in his face.  Now that is attention to detail!  Im sure there will be many more incredible details to notice as I continue to study the colors but just wanted to get this up for you ASAP! Hope you guys like!