Character Fridays: Timur

Who is timur?

Spending much of his childhood as an orphan, Timur heavily relied on his elder brother Zain for survival. They were traded and sold as commodities from tribe to tribe throughout remote regions in the Mughal Empire. As fate would have it, Zain and Timur would eventually be taken in by The Ansaars,, a secret order of noble individuals who devoted their lives towards guarding the world’s worst prison, Zindan. This would prove to be a life changing experience.

Artist. Bowman. Linguist.

These experiences, although traumatic, have given Timur diverse talents. Through his time spent with the Uzbeks, Timur became a master in archery, horsemanship and grappling. As the brothers travelled from village to village across the vast empires as orphans, Timur became proficient in several languages. Timur’s childhood trauma has transformed him into a fierce fighter guided by his emotions. Only his elder brother, Zain, can place a check on him. Timur’s youthful sense of invincibility is vital for his confidence on the battlefield-however may also be one of his greatest weaknesses.


With Zindan in ruins, Timur finds himself having lost everything again. However, this loss is different. The very people who gave Timur a second chance at life have been slaughtered. With the eldest of The Ansaars dead, it is up to Timur and his brother to keep their oath and save the world from all of the incredible evils that have escaped.