Sorry. We've been busy being awesome.

Wow...it’s been a while! We’ve actually never been gone, just been busy with the #TeamZindan hustle for the past year! Stay tuned for a full Zindan site revamp. We’ll be giving you live updates here as they come!

#TeamZindan Updates:

With the success of Issue #0 at New York Comic Con 2014, we launched Issue #1 at New York Comic Con 2015. Word spread abroad, and #TeamZindan was able to get digital distribution in India via a partnership with the app company HuHuba. In May of 2015, Zindan creators Omar Mirza and Khurram Mehtabdin gave a talk in Washington DC to the Network of South Asian Professionals about entrepreneurship in the comic industry. In November 2015, Zindan co-creator Khurram Mehtabdin traveled to Pakistan, spoke to University students in Karachi about the process of comic book creation and what it means to launch at New York Comic Con. #TeamZindan was able to meet with university students and tutor artist and writer Imran Hussain for his first comic which will be featured in Zindan Issue #2! This past summer, Zindan co-creator Omar Mirza travelled to Washington DC and chaired a session on “From Medical Wards to Story Boards” about his journey as a physician and comic book creator. Most recently, #TeamZindan partnered with CFx Comics in Pakistan to launch the series there.

What's Next:

We completed our next Issue #2, which will be debuting at NYCC 2016 on Thursday, October 6th, 2016. As we continue to release new content and further the Zindan brand, we hope to keep you, our loyal fans on top of our activities! Stay tuned for photos, videos, pages, exclusive releases HERE!